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Sue divorced at the age of 50 after a 25-year marriage. Following her divorce, she found ambition and her career went from strength to strength. Her divorce bucket list included a round-the-world lecture tour. Four years after her divorce she got remarried to a man she lost touch with 33 years previously.

Sue is the UK's foremost Certified Divorce Coach and the UK's only Certified Discernment Counsellor. In addition, she holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, is a Chartered Psychologist, and a Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Sue also holds an MBA. 

Sue regularly gives talks on divorce and menopause, grey divorce, child-centered divorce, and the cost of divorce to the economy. Her coaching clients come with a variety of problems from narcissistic abuse to adultery, from just falling out of love to losing connection. No matter what, each client is treated with respect and empathy and given the best support and guidance to enable them to divorce with dignity.

After Sue retired from her career in academia, she co-founded the Divorce Coaching Academy which trains the next generation of divorce coaches. In researching the curriculum she realised that employers were not supporting their employees who were going through a divorce. To this end, she co-founded The Family Transition Company which is raising awareness of divorce in the workplace as productivity falls by 40% for 2 years due to a lack of support from supervisors and employers which adds to the stress they are already under.

Dr Sue Palmer-Conn

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